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Something More mediscape on Whitesheet Hill - part of Transitions by Jackie Calderwood TRANSITIONS - An 'Extended Practice' Project for the Final Module, MA Media (Interactive Arts), UWE September 2007 - June 2008 was shown at SHOW ME Degree Show, Bower Ashton, UWE from 13 - 18 June 2008.

It was my intention from the start of ‘Extended Practice’ that I would split the module into two parts consecutively by time, using the external parameters and structure of creating work for the first part to learn from and inform the emergent nature of the second, as outlined in the project proposal.

The aims of ‘Transitions’ could be summarised as:

Firstly: To create an interpretive interactive artifact through a participatory process to fit a specific and complex brief. To create work that participants, the commissioning institution and the general public would all find useful as an enriching opportunity to enhance the experience of the ‘Love’ exhibition.

Secondly: To use elements of the creative process, interactive design, feedback and context to inform the design and production of a mediascape piece through an individual artistic process. To explore or reflect upon possible links between the outdoor mediascape and an indoor gallery context. 

Success of the first part would be primarily measured against pre-set aims and objectives (the brief) and external response from the interested parties and the general public. The work is also part of an external consultancy’s evaluation, due to be published in July 2008.

Success of the second part, in comparison, would focus on internal learning and reflection, artistic development and research insights into the transition of media across place, technology/medium, interface and context.

Transition (n): change; changeover; evolution; conversion; shift;
                             move; switch; alteration.  [Microsoft Word UK Thesaurus]

Transitions 2_ Something More
PDA running mscape Photographic Panorama, Whitesheet Glass inspired by and photographed at Whitesheet


The work shown was part of an exploratory work-in-progress, Something More.
It investigates ways to represent live experience in a ‘gallery’ space.

Glasswork and photography as part of Transitions by Jackie Calderwood, shown at the MA Show, UWE Installation of Film, Multimedia, Glasswork and Photography as part of Transitions by Jackie Calderwood, shown at the MA Show, UWE Glasswork and photography as part of Transitions by Jackie Calderwood, shown at the MA Show, UWE


Something More is a short film generating experiential walk, using satellite tracking technology (GPS) a hand-held computer (PDA) with headphones and HP’s mscape software. The walk is set on Whitesheet Hill, a site of scientific interest on the South Western tip of Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

The walker is invited to select a theme and music to listen to as they walk. At any time the walker(s) can choose to rest and to replay a short film generated by their choice of music, theme and the actual route of their walk. Images displayed in the film are taken from my own work: photographs, glass (made in response to the location and later photographed there) and short film which in turn explore the language and landscape of Whitesheet.

Music featured in the mediascape and installation is used with kind permission from the artists:

‘Sundries of Sundays’ by Tom Ellis at www.trimsound.co.uk

‘Leaping Hare’ by Facing the Ocean at jane_harwood@hotmail.com

‘Light The Way’ by Ian McGinn at www.myspace.com/opentonemusic


A group of invited film-makers, artists and musicians experienced the mediascape on location during a 'Something More Mediascape Picnic' on 20 July 2008. Thankyou to the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, for supplying equipment for the event.

I am continuing to develop the project and working with Facing the Ocean to explore site-specific composition as a mirror-feature for the soundtrack of each unique film generated on the hill.

With artist collective Strata, we are in the initial research stages of an exciting multi-platform project that would incorporate and build on elements of the Whitesheet mediascape along with archaeological discovery of an ancient walk connecting neolithic sites in Wessex.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Whitesheet to experience Something More in situ, and for details of forthcoming Mediascape Picnic Events, please contact me.

Walkers experiencing the mediascape on Whitesheet Hill

Walkers watching the unique films generated by their movement

Watching a Something More film in the shade of the umbrella

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picture 2
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